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No Co-Signer Student Loans- Yes, They Do Exist!

Have you felt frustrated and alone at the thought of getting a student loan without a cosigner? Well, frustrating might be something we can help with in this article, and getting a student loan without a cosigner is definitely something we can help with in this article. If you are reading this, then chances are you have experienced at least one of the following situations: - You have been to a bank and asked about student loans. - You have applied for a student loan and have been denied. - You have asked someone to cosign a loan for you and have been refused. - You have looked at the amount you need for schooling, and panicked just a bit. - You have decided that working while going to school is too much pressure. Fear not- you are not the only one to feel this way. Believe it or not, but even in this harsh economy, there are still student loans with no cosigners out there- you just have to know where to look. Fortunately, you came to the right place! Here are some good options to consider when looking fro no co-signer student loans: - Unsubsidized Stafford Loan: If you have read even 3 articles of this nature, then you have probably seen this loan and the two that follow it mentioned every single time. There is a reason for that. Stafford Loans are federally funded which means they have low interest rates, chances for payment deferment in times of struggles after graduation, and are student loans without cosigners. - Subsidized Stafford Loans: These loans are even better than the unsubsidized version because the interest rates are federally subsidized which makes the payments lower. - Perkins Loans: This is another government option for college loans with no cosigner. They don't pay out much and have a cap on their yearly and overall payouts. - CFS Student Loan: Collegiate Funding Services is meant to help students just like you get the money they need to be trained for their lucrative career. It is no longer called the CFS as they were bought out by Chase Bank- but if you go to any Chase Bank personal banker and ask for information about the CFS, they will know what you are talking about and can get you enrolled in the program they now manage under a new name. In most cases, this is a student loan with no cosigner. - Alternative Education Student Loans: If you are looking to get your degree through means other than the traditional classroom day time schedule, then there are some private loans available for those situations. The reason for this is that most people who are looking for alternative means of education are usually employed- which makes it hard for them to take regular classes. This means they have a current means of income and thus, a current means of paying down the college loan with no cosigner. These alternative means include: -- Night Classes -- NiOnline Classes -- Block Classes -- Correspondant Classes - Nelnet Student Loan: This is not one we highly recommend as it can get risky and the interest rates are high. However, if you are turned down for the government programs and are desperate for a student loan with no cosigner, then you may want to look into a Nelnet student loan. - ROTC: This is an army training program. They will pay for some, most or all of your schooling depending on your area of study, the cost of the program, and the commitment you make to the Army. If you have ever considered a stint of military service, then look into your local ROTC programs and see what benefits they can provide for you to help you through school. The training and discipline you receive is sure to help you in any career you have planned out, and many of the commitments are 3 years. It will take longer than that for you to get through school. Military service looks great on any resume, and if you can get all of those benefits plus a free ride through school, that seems like a win win situation. - TGSL: This is not available to all students. It is the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan, so clearly it is meant for students attending college in Texas. There are many amazing institutions of higher learning in Texas, and if you have been considering attending any of them, then this is a loan program to look into. It is a college loan with no cosigner or credit checks. - Medical Program Assistance: The medical field is in need of new blood. If you are going into any line of study connected with the medical field, then there are many student loan programs built around the specific needs of medical students. Many of these loans are student loans with no cosigner. If you are going into any of these fields, then there could very well be a no cosigner student loan available for you: -- Doctor or Surgeon -- Nurse -- Midwife or Doula -- Anesthesiologist -- Veterinarian -- Phlebotomist -- Lab Technician -- Dentist or Orthodontist - School Sponsored Programs: Some colleges have programs set up where they will hire you to work on campus, and then instead of giving you a paycheck, they will credit the amount to your tuition amount. Many of these programs include a meal program as well. This is a very different kind of student loan program, but it can be very beneficial, and is a college loan with no cosigner. If a program like this is not set up at your school, then you may want to consider starting one up. Talk to the powers that be and see what can be arranged. If your proposal works out, imagine how many students will hail you as a hero for finding them a way to get a student loan with no cosigner.

Consolidation of Private Student Loans

It's very common for students to have to take out one or more loans to finance their further education and anyone who isn't eligible for Government assistance must look to private student loans. Unfortunately, once that education is complete and they have a job, many find that the interest rates and periods of repayment really can't be met from their salary. Consolidation of private student loans is one good way around this dilemma because it's easier to deal with just one debt rather than several and the problem of compounding interest on the original loans is also solved. Here's how to go about the consolidation of private student loans, if you find yourself in that position. First of all you need to make a spreadsheet of all your loans with interest rates and monthly payments. Add them all up so that you know what your monthly outgoings on loans should be. Secondly, check out the small print of each loan to make sure that you know what the penalties are for repaying early. Add this information to your spreadsheet. Thirdly, clean up your credit rating. Get a credit status report and check it carefully. If there are errors, for example unpaid balances which are actually paid or late payments which weren't late, get the proof together and contact the credit agency to get the record set straight. Your credit rating will have a bearing on whether or not you are able to consolidate your loans and the interest rate you pay for the new loan. Now, decide how much you can afford to pay each month and star looking for consolidation loans. Don't forget to find out the interest rates, the repayment period, the monthly payment and the charges for late or early payment. You will probably need to look at at least ten potential loans or companies to get a good cross-section of what's available. Make another spread sheet with the loan information and put all the loans in order of preference. Contact your first choice lender and make sure that they know about your good credit score. Find out whether they will offer you a loan and at what rate, etc. If your first choice are prepared to offer you a loan, just try the next couple on your list to see if you can better that offer. Do some calculations to see whether you can afford to consolidate all your loans and decide which ones. Choose your favoured lender and make sure that the terms and conditions are as you understood them to be. Consolidation of private student loans isn't that hard but you need to be methodical and take your time; don't just rush into the first consolidation loan that you find.

Student Loan Relief Programs: Find The Financial Help You Deserve

Student loan payments do not have to be so budget draining when you use student loan relief programs to minimize the cost. One of the biggest hurdles with finding relief to federal programs is the time it takes to learn what is actually available according to your given situation. One major difference in how much you could possibly save is determined by what company you hire for service. There are many companies that consolidate loans directly. In other words, the company will take your student loans, federal and private and combine them into one monthly student loan relief payment. The difference is that this consolidation format ends up adding cost to your already pricey loans. The interest rate and the stretched out term length only adds to the final cost. When you don't go directly to the source of the loan, you could be charged extra costs. Going to the source of your loan can prove to be a frustrating journey. Waiting lengthy periods of time on hold does not fit into busy schedules. There are best student relief programs that provide the link debtors to the federal programs available for a small fee. They will deal with long waits on hold and searching through all programs concerning the given debt situation. Finding answers to all your questions is no longer a hassle. *When can I consolidate my federal loans? *Is there more than one repayment plan? *What exactly is consolidation? *Do I have to qualify for relief plans? *What if I have defaulted on my loans? *Does my income level make a difference? Finding these and more answers can take up a chunk of your time when acting alone. A qualified company will look at these and other questions to determine what programs you qualify for. When you have federal loans and you work in public service, you may qualify for loan forgiveness. Imagine having a portion of your loan forgiven and then possible consolidating them. Work with a company that can open not just your eyes to available programs but will also open your wallet to saving some cash in the long run. The company you choose to work with will be the most important choice you have to make in finding relief. Once they have collected all of the pertinent information to do the research, you will know what you will qualify for in no time. Student loans do not have to be the financial burden for the long-term. Whether you are looking for one low monthly payment, have your deferment time renewed, qualify for a forgiveness program or you need to change your repayment often, find a company who will do just that. Find a company that will work directly with the Department of Education in order to keep services affordable. Every student loan case is different. There are new programs being offered as income-based relief programs. Federal student loans are very forgiving and more patient than other types of installment loans, but they will not go away. Do what you can to make these loans more affordable. Lower student loan relief payments when you hire a professional experienced company to make it work for your personal situation.

Student Loan Consolidation Services - Using Them To Pay Off Debt

Whenever students graduate from college, they will begin considering the best way to pay off their student loans that funded their cost of education. Quite a few financial loan companies will provide student loan consolidation services designed to ease the financial burden of borrowers. As the overall economy attempts to recover from the problems, authorities have set lending rates at record lows to make credit affordable and available to more people. Consequently, student loan rates today are also low. This is particularly beneficial for anyone who has received more than one loan while they were studying in college. By consolidating their student loans, borrowers have the ability to reduce their monthly payments thus allowing them to be able to allot some of their cash for other expenses. While student loans are designed to help students in their academic expenses such as textbooks, tuition, and living costs, they actually are available in two forms: federal and private. The federal student loans are sponsored by the federal government while the others are provided by private institutions. Generally, however, private student loans cannot be consolidated with federally sponsored loans. Nonetheless, you will find lenders that focus on borrowers who would want to refinance their private student loans. Even if these types of services can't use the reduced rates being offered when refinancing federal student loans, they can still offer advantages to the borrowers. The benefit includes making only one payment each month and, since the terms of the loan have changed, it cuts down on the total amount the individual must pay on a monthly basis. The catch, of course, is the resulting higher interest payment through the entire life of the loan. A number of institutions have provided private student loan consolidation services in the market including Chase, Wells Fargo, and NextStudent. When looking for a loan provider to refinance the loans, a few questions need to be asked such as if the interest rates are fixed or variable, whether there are any fees involved, and whether or not there are actually penalties in the early repayment of the loan. Consolidating federal student loans, on the other hand, helps to reduce the monthly payment up to half and lock-in on a low fixed interest rate. Furthermore, the borrower can easily bundle all of the loans into one manageable loan resulting to just a single monthly payment. They will be able to obtain the service without additional application fees, origination fees, and prepayment penalties involved. It offers the option for borrowers to select from the different terms in paying back their consolidated loans up to 30 years. A number of lenders have also provided this kind of service. Consolidating student loans is really a wise approach in getting more flexibility in managing personal finances particularly in this atmosphere where many continue being in financial turmoil.